At Last, Here is the Title of my First Book!

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Announcing The Title!

I am excited to share the title of my first book! After spending weeks writing down dozens (if not hundreds) of ideas, I am happy to say that I have decided on a winner. The title of my book is:

Rain Down: Embracing the Connected Life

The Back Cover Summary

I’ve also been working on the “back cover” summary. If you were holding this brand new book in your hands and turned it over, this is the bit you would read on the back:

Connection is hard work. We all struggle to find the time and energy to connect with others. What if we could make connection easier?

Dennis J Coughlin shares a path that brings us back to basics so we can connect with friends, family and the people around us. Rain Down describes a way to build ourselves up in order to connect with our own lives before going out and connecting with others.

Whether your goal is to find quiet time, talk to long lost friends, help others in need, repair broken relationships or enjoy more of everyday life, Rain Down will take you on a journey of discovery as you reconnect with your life.

This book shares:

  • Why connection is so important.
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls that prevent connection.
  • Simple ways that we can connect with our own lives through habits like the daily practice of gratitude.
  • Practical steps we can follow to connect with family, friends and those in need.
  • A series of meditations that will open your mind to the possibilities of connection.

What Do You Think?

I would love to hear your feedback on the title or the back cover summary. Leave a comment below or send me a note!

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I’m excited to get this book done and to launch Rain Down: Embracing the Connected Life!